Witnessed Presence


This is the Witnessed Presence and Systems Engineering site. It presents the research and results of the 'Witnessed Presence and Systems Engineering' project, which started in 2008. Dr. Caroline Nevejan is principal investigator of this project and closely collaborates with profesor Frances Brazier to better understand how in the interaction between human beings and systems 'trust' can be designed. Initially embedded in the Intelligent Interactive Distributed Systems Group, the project is now part of the Autonomous Systems group at Delft Technical University.

The research design, 20 interviews and film fragments of these interviews, the work of 4 artists and the publications that were published as a result of this work, are here presented. Currently a special issue with the academic journal AI&Society: Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Communication (Springer) is being prepared. Please find the call here.

In 2010 an experimental study and research environment is made with Mediamatic Lab at http://witness.being-here.net.

All comments are gratefully welcomed. Please email Caroline Nevejan.

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